How to shorten maintenance time for large systems


The SIXT integration team was responsible for dozens of different solutions for seamless communication between internal and external systems within the company. Due to the massive amount of event-based data, many errors were occurring daily, which they needed to address quickly and promptly.

The elimination process involved observing system metrics and JIRA tasks, and then working in a terminal window using a collection of various scripts. The work was manual, very time consuming, with many possibilities for new mistakes. All attempts at improvement were only partially successful.


The RESULT team helped them develop a central support application that is fast, easy, and safe to use.

The app collects all metrics and JIRI tasks notifications in one place while providing the ability to store, analyse, and resubmit disputed event data. It shows the current system and alerts status.

Employees can also share history and instructions on how to maintain each solution.


 | Java | Vue.js |


The support team has an instant overview through the central application and an opportunity to intervene in all integrated solutions.

Faster work has improved response time, and reliability has improved the quality of support. Higher system stability and more accurate data make their business safer and increase customer satisfaction.

The team has more time to debug and develop new solutions, with less human error.