SIXT Leasing SE

How to safely upgrade the integration platform


The old platform that handled integrations with the systems of partner companies needed to be upgraded because of the possibility of repeated downtime, thus avoiding customer dissatisfaction and potential financial losses.

Resolving such incidents would be very time consuming and may require a thorough knowledge of specific environments and processes.


The RESULT team has assisted our customer Sixt Leasing in creating a new, well-documented platform that utilizes new components with a high level of security and reliability. We set precise work and involvement guidelines and standards for any new team member, with all the procedures and instructions for the team and the member.

The procedures are automated, which adds up to higher reliability and a minimum chance of human error. Finding, solving, and preventing errors is straightforward and user-friendly.


| Ansible | bash | Docker | gitlab | Java| Jenkins | Linux | nexus | serverspec | slack | Talend | tomcat |


By setting up a new platform, SIXT Leasing has a more reliable technical basis for performing all business processes which also results in cost reduction.

A stable platform means that there is no need in the nearby future to migrate the existing solution to another environment.