Document Management System

How to modernize document management system to support future applications?


Our Client wanted to modernize their document management system and also change it architecturally to support modern stacks. Their request was to create a common ecosystem that could also support their future applications.


The RESULT team used a state-of-the-art technology stack (React, GraphQL). The use of GraphQL allowed us to fetch metadata for different documents (invoices, proposals, contracts, etc.) more efficiently, which increased the speed of front-end development.

We used a microservice-based approach that allowed for easier scaling. For the management platform, we chose OpenShift. One of the main challenges we faced was the storage of documents. Local legislation required us to store invoices in local data centers, so cloud solutions were not an option because of their unavailability in the region.

To solve this, we used Minio, which is based on the popular cloud solution for storing documents, Amazon S3. We integrated it into the existing infrastructure.


| Apollo GraphQL | ElasticSearch | Keycloak | Minio | MongoDB| NodeJS | OpenShift | React |


The result was a common scalable cloud platform that can be used for future solutions and transferring existing ones. Their users can also easily log in to other applications by using a single sign system.