SIXT Mobility Consulting

How to get an overview of the multitude of fragmented costs


SIXT Mobility Consulting has decided to provide its worldwide customers with a unified view of costs. These were clients who rented thousands or tens of thousands of vehicles. Because fuel, repair, and service cost data were available only for the entire fleet at a time, it was impossible to compare or make in-depth cost analytics to find the most effective ways to reduce them.

For multinational customers, it was also impossible to compare data from multiple markets simultaneously. There was no suitable tool on the market to solve this problem.


The RESULT team helped them develop the tool in the form of an online portal that allowed customers to import data from any format of spreadsheets or documents.

The application linked, verified, processed, unified, and then transferred the relevant data to the BI tool.

This enabled fleet operators to have advanced visual inspection and comparison of all data in all markets.


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For the first time, operators of the extensive fleet have been able to obtain timely and accurate data from multiple partners, as well as to analyse and compare costs across markets and vehicles.

A detailed analysis showed them where they could reduce costs, which also allowed for better planning in the future.