SIXT Leasing SE

How to create test data faster and for all systems at once


The business of SIXT Leasing is highly dynamic. They continuously implement new technologies in addition to the already large number of existing ones. Every change brings a risk of a system malfunction. To prevent it, they need to perform detailed testing of the entire information system. An error in one part of the system can have an impact on another part of the system and can cause damage.

Existing standard test data generation tools cannot meet the individual needs of the system and business logic. For this, creating test data was challenging and time-consuming for the entire team.


The RESULT team of software specialists helped to develop an integrated system for the creation of test data for SIXT Leasing. The application enables the users to quickly create test data for any step within the business process and all related information systems.

All of this was done in an intuitive, user-friendly manner, independently of various software tools and with no need for a technical understanding of the processes.


| Ansible | Cobol | Docker | Graylog | Java | JavaScript | Jenkins | Postgres | Spring Boot | Test Data |


The solution provides a far safer introduction of change management because SIXT Leasing can now execute all critical tests on all related parts of the system before deployment of changes to production.

Test data creation is much faster in software development as well as in the business operation division. Both test accuracy and business process coverage are much higher than before. There is no need to master various software tools solely for test purposes because of a very easy and user-friendly interface. Additionally, by creating test data rather than using production data for testing, makes this solution GDPR compliant.

Upgrading applications to solve future business challenges has become much safer.