Pošta Slovenije

How to build a platform for local economy support in the short term with minimal integration costs?


Pošta Slovenije wanted to support local markets and farmers by creating a platform for the purchase and delivery of local produce. It would support the process from farmers through transport to the customer.


The existing infrastructure (file storage, user registration, management) was built on Apollo GraphQL. For development, we chose Hasura as the primary backend solution because it allowed us to keep using GraphQL and enabled us the usage of PostgreSQL, a well-established and reliable database.

We created a mobile application that would allow the tracking of orders. For this, Flutter was chosen as the main technology because it offered rapid development on both Android and iOS platforms.


| Apollo GraphQL | ElasticSearch | Keycloak | Minio | Flutter | NodeJS | Hasura | React |


With the planning and investigation of existing technologies, we were able to produce a reliable platform UHUB in a short amount of time and also minimize the cost of integration.