GraphQL: A smart way to make apps faster and life easier

You’ve already been using it for years. GraphQL is core to how Facebook, Twitter, and Netflix work. Now it is time to improve your APIs as well.

Need help of experts?

What can GraphQL do for your company?

Connect legacy systems


Easy control over large enterprise systems

Reduction of costs

Easy integration for clients

Rapid product development

Live data with subscriptions

GraphQL makes everyone’s life easier

And this is true for both CIOs and backend engineers. It is becoming the new standard for API development that speeds up the development while reducing maintenance.

Let our experts help you with

Schema design using best practices

The first step is always understanding the way your data is structured and being able to create the best representation possible. Our team helps you with that to create the best possible graph schema using industry best practice.


Accelerating your development with the right tools

Adopting a new stack our technology is always hard. New decisions in tooling, conventions and practices are always hard. With our experience in the GraphQL ecosystem and our partners we can help you pick the right set of tools to make your team future-proof.

Avoiding common pitfalls

Our team has gathered insights, industry experience and also consulted with partners that implement the technology. We learned valuable lessons along the way which can help you make things smoother. We would like to share our experience with your team.

GraphQL is here and now, already helping thousands of engineers and billions of users..

Those you use it have a tremendous competitive advantage over the rest. Let us help you to find out if GraphQL could simplify and fasten your apps as well.

Do not take any risks.

Team of experts

RESULT is a team of experts dedicated to GraphQL with 3 years of production experience.


Partners of  Hasura

Hasura offers a GraphQL engine on relational databases.

Trusted by many Fortune 500 companies, it is powerful out of the box solution, which reduces your time to go-live by giving you a realtime GraphQL API in seconds.

Technology partners

Superior results are always the product of a great team and first-class tools and technologies.

Thats the reason we are partners with the world’s top companies.

Talks & Webinars

We have been speakers on the world’s largest conference dedicated to GraphQL.