remains a key player
in behind-the-scenes business software.

However, end-of-life announcements and scarcity of trained developers are also true. What next?

Preserve your investment in COBOL applications while taking advantage of the latest technologies.


We are experts with 25+ years of experience in COBOL development, modernization and optimization.


Our expertise includes:


  Development of business applications

  Setting up staging and production environments – Linux, Aix, Windows…

  Micro services oriented development


Our company supports you with:

Analysis of how to modernise and optimise your existing COBOL systems

Migration from COBOL to any of modern languages – Java, C/C++, C#, J#, VB, PHP…

Migration between different COBOL platforms


Our assistance includes:

Automatic integration with other languages – Java, C/C++, C#, J#, VB, PHP…

   Integration with your other SOA systems through Soap services integration, JSON, HTTP…

   Integration with version control systems – GIT, SVN, CVS


Result is official Micro Focus partner.

Micro Focus has been the market leader and provider of distributed COBOL development tooling for nearly 40 years.

Now they lead the way with Visual COBOL.

Let us know whether you’re using COBOL — and what are your needs.

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