Enterprise. Software. Solutions.

We are research and development devotees with 26 years’ worth of experience.

We develop tools for your improved decision-making.

We only build software that improves our client’s business.

We develop mobile apps for business and commercial ends.

Computers are great because they give you answers. With BI you can ask the right questions.


We develop custom business intelligence solutions  our customers need. From design and development, all the way to implementation we provide expertise and support to our clients. We develop BI tools for a broad range of industries: healthcare, telecommunications, different manufacturing branches…

Data management has to be part of your “business as usual activity” if you want to remain successful. Enhanced data analytics notably contribute to improved business operations. We are experts for the following services:

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data mining


business reporting

business analysis

data integration

big data processing

prediction analytics

data warehousing

Do you want to improve your business?

Code changes lives. We code for a positive change. We love changing lives.


The clarity of expression is very important for every business. Enterprise software describes a collection of computer programs with common business applications and tools that ensure the whole business organization works. We are specialists with specific knowledge and expertise that the complexity of enterprise solutions requires.

We are programming in the following programming languages:

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C# / C++


Great enterprise software is the heart of great business.

Man can do extraordinary work. Computers can do the work of many men. We develop extraordinary software.


The shift away from the desktop is accelerating.

We design and develop applications that enable you to effectively reach out to your clients. Modern mobile app solutions help you not only get and retain targets, but make them your customers.

To successfully translate client’s intent and business reason, we work closely with them. Our top-versed mobile app development team work in fast-paced sprints to develop products that perform for them.

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We develop for all mobile platforms.

Technology is communication. Are you asking the right questions?

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Result računalniški sistemi, d.o.o.

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